Domain Authority how to improve yours for online business?

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With all the businesses online lined up out there, how do I improve my online presence? As you’re probably aware, top ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) is one of the most important things your website can have. Without a front-page ranking, chances are that you’ll be missing out on reaching hundreds – or thousands – of potential customers.

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Social Media Marketing vs SEO Content Marketing

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It’s a hotly debated question in marketing circles – and if you’ve been in business for evena short time, you’ve no doubt been approached by companies that specialize in eitherSEO content marketing or social media marketing. And chances are, they’ve both told youthat their way is better in the hopes of making a sale.But who’s telling the truth? And does

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What is good UX design?

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If you’ve been looking at having a website built or you’re looking at improving the ranking and conversion from your existing website, you’ve probably come across the term UX – but what is it exactly, and why is it important? What is UX? UX is short for User Experience – the way your site is designed to help a user

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Why your local small business needs a high converting website (and why you need a web developer and not a designer to build it)

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Photo by Joshua Rodriguez on Unsplash If you’re a small business owner, you fall into tone of two categories: You’re a business with a website You’re a business without a websiteRegardless of which of these two categories you fall into, unless you already have all ofthe customers and business you need, you really have to read this article.Let’s look at

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