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SEO Content

If you’re like most business owners you probably get several phone calls a week
from random overseas companies offering to help you get front-page ranking on
Google. And let’s be honest here, a lot of the time these callers don’t sound
particularly legitimate, which has led to a lot of us doubting the authenticity of digital

Digital marketing has become a real buzzword online in recent years – and the
number of digital marketing ‘experts’ has skyrocketed. Sadly, a lot of them aren’t
actually experts and are just cashing in on the fact that digital marketing can be a
long game, and that most people don’t really understand how ‘all this SEO stuff’
works. The result of this is that these ‘experts’ have a lot of unhappy customers who
aren’t getting any results. And the backlash from this is that people think that digital
marketing is a scam.

The truth is, it’s not. It’s a science and an art – there is a precise formula to follow to
get results and yes, it can be a long game.
Our digital marketing team are experts in this field. They understand how to make
sure your website gives search engines what they want to see so that your site starts
getting ranked higher.

Design a Business Website is a preferred digital marketing agency in Perth for brands across
all industries and geographies. With an expansive portfolio of services, our responsive
approach to digital marketing is cost-effective and outcome-oriented. We measure
success by how well we help our clients meet their business goals. We believe that
digital marketing is a long-term commitment, which must be nurtured through a build-
test-implement-improvise’ philosophy.

Effective SEO is not a ‘done once, done forever’ thing, we also offer affordable SEO for small businesses with
ongoing maintenance and support to make sure that once you get to the top, you
stay there.

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