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Digital Marketing Agency for small business websites

Great digital marketing is about having a detailed plan which is based on reliable information, is expertly executed, and tracked regularly. And that’s exactly what we offer our clients.

In the ever-changing landscape of the worldwide web, you have to stay active if you’re going to stay current and keep ranking. WHAT, WHEN and WHO are the key ingredients of content marketing – that is, knowing WHAT your potential clients want to hear, WHEN to say it, and WHO you’re saying it to.

To us, digital marketing consists of four main branches – each designed to tick certain boxes off your potential client’s Evidence Procedure and move them from being interested in being a customer.

1 – Content Marketing

Today’s digital marketing is all about delivering actionable information designed to influence buying decisions. It must be crisp, customer-centric, and solution-oriented, but still down-to-earth enough to appeal to your broad customer base.

2 – Organic Growth

We all know that it’s faster and easier to go out and buy an apple than it is to plant a tree and grow your own. But if you invest the time and patience into planting and cultivating that tree, it will give you free apples for life.

And that’s what organic growth online is all about. Sure, you can pay for top ranking with Google Adwords, but imagine how satisfying it will be to know that you’re featuring front and center on the first page of Google – for the search terms that your prospective clients are searching for – without it costing you a cent.

To help our clients get the most of out of their online presence, we use key digital marketing analytics to assess customer data and develop relevant, valuable content aimed at increasing both inbound traffic and public engagement.

3 – Social Media Marketing

Ask almost any business owner what the most valuable form of publicity is and they’ll likely tell you “word of mouth” – and that’s because social proof is infinitely better at convincing prospective clients to take the plunge and do business with you than any amount of “sales speak” or self-promotion.

And with the rise of social media, enabling your raving fans to spread the word about how they feel about doing business with you is both easier AND more complicated than ever!

Get your social media engagement right and it can be a goldmine of social proof and “free” advertising for you.

Get it wrong and you can destroy a carefully curated reputation faster than you can say “Facebook”.

There is a set of skills and science behind creating a sense of belonging and connection with your audiences through social media marketing. An expertly designed and thoughtfully executed social media campaign can increase customer engagement, influence buying decisions, and create brand equity.

4 – Community Marketing

There’s so much hype online about “increasing your reach and accessing new potential clients” that it’s easy to overlook the low-hanging fruit that is selling to existing clients.

Time and time again we see people putting masses of effort into reaching new prospects,

With Community Marketing, brands can form stronger bonds with their existing customers by listening to their experiences, anticipating opportunities to upsell, and retaining their loyalty and continued patronage.

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