Why Small Businesses Need Websites

Are you a small business owner looking to grow your brand and increase your customers?
Building a great website with modern web design, high definition images of the products you’re
selling, and easy access for all, might just be the ticket to attract more customers and retain
existing ones. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should create a website for small
Here are some of our top reasons to get started building your website ASAP!

Save yourself some $$$

You own a small business. You rely on people shopping locally, word of mouth and the quality
of your products. With increasing competition and numerous options available, small
businesses often have limited funds to pump into marketing and advertising. The high costs of
having your own physical store or setting one up is one of the biggest expenses you may incur.
Added to that is the rent, hiring and paying staff, training, insurance … the list goes on and on.
You can get rid of all these potential issues with one simple move – setting up your entire
business on a virtual platform. Of course, this is not possible for all businesses, however, if you’re
selling clothes, makeup, books, or other products – having an online store will save you time
and much-needed funds. We have plenty of affordable small business designs you can browse

Expand your customer base

Surveys conducted by Australia Post showed over 73% of Australian households shopped
online in 2018. With Wi-Fi and 4G connections available on nearly all devices, researching a
product before purchasing it is almost second nature. Design a business website, and make
this search easier for potential customers as you can make your services available to an
unlimited number of people at the same time.
Many customers also prefer to shop from the comfort of their own homes and having a website
aids this process making it an easy task for both the small business owner and customer.
A professional small business website design templates will give you the freedom to update
information regarding your business on your website, (for example, changes in opening/closing
times, open for certain public holidays) it saves you the time and effort of physically updating or
printing new signage and reaching out to regular customers too.


With over 3 billion people worldwide using different social media platforms, this new stream of
marketing has opened small business up to a world of possibilities. You can market your
business for almost no added costs or specific expertise. Social media is a great way to add
shopping links, set up creative giveaways which will encourage website visits, increase
awareness and boost sales as a result.
Make sure you’re being consistent on your social media to increase followers, and use it as a
platform to communicate and interact with your customers.


Create a website for your small business from the start and you can leave yourself room to
focus on other aspects of your business later. This could include interacting and collaborating
with other businesses, traveling to source better products, or even using the additional time to
upskill yourself.
If you make the switch to a virtual business, you won’t even have to worry about physically
being present at your store, so you can set up a flexible schedule which helps you strike a
work/life balance effectively.
Another benefit of a website builder is the fact that you can continue to update it and make it
better over time. Small business website designers like us, are happy to help you with website
redesign so you can bring your vision to life.


Set up a website and you could be making money and selling products while lounging on a beach in The Whitsundays (or anywhere else you can think of).
Modern web design makes this a very real possibility. With devices like tablets, phones, and
touch screen laptops now offering advanced apps and services, you can make your work look
professional without having to worry about spending time or money commuting to an office or
store every day.
We feel that having a professional and functional website set up for your small business has
many advantages and can help you increase your customers, save money, improve
productivity and build your reputation in an easy and accessible way. The average cost of web
designs for small businesses ranges anywhere between $1000 to $4000 depending on the kind
of website you want and how much money you want to put into it. Our advice is to spend a little
extra and set yourself up with a beautiful product that will attract customers and help the
website pay for itself.
If you’re ready to design a business website or are in need of a website redesign to bring it up
to date, send us a message Contact Us or give us a call +61 438557317 to see how we can help you

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